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Welcome To Balmukund Ramchandra Bazari Saraswati Vidya Mandir

Our prestigious school Balmukund Ramchandra Bazari is the result of crystallization of the dream of our great visionary Founder Chairman Shri Hari Babu Goyal and his never ending will power and determination. He laid the school foundation on 6 July 1997 with the philosophy that excellent education to maximum children with affordable fees. Therefore, we operate as a non profit organisation under Public Charitable Trust. We are committed to provide the quality education and mentor them to be versatile human beings by making them familiar with various aspects of life and other strategies so that they can face the challenges of ife bravely and successfully.

The school is co-educational and affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (C.B.S.E.) New Delhi and the curriculum is followed as per their guidelines. We aim at providing such education that goes beyond the traditional methods to ensure excellence along with a strong base in ethics because only then will the student become an epitome of success and discover new horizons.

The lush green, pollution free school campus with well maintained gardens caters to the needs of the students of the present era where they can develop not only academically but also socially, culturally and creatively. So, the campus is a blend of modern day technology like e-learning, WiFi, smart class and conventional setup like temple, vocational music and dance. The open air field, various sports, big, airy classrooms, laboratories etc. add to the ease of learning and development.


To provide "Education Par Excellence" by

* Nurturing the students in a supportive and conducive environment
* Imparting ethical, innovative, inclusive and quality academic program to the students to transform them into role models committed to the development of India and the world.
* Developing the mind, body and soul of the students by providing holistic education keeping in mind the rich heritage of India where they are taught the importance of moral values and character education.
* Discovering and developing the intellectual and creative potential of the students through progressive knowledge enriched experience, multi-tasking skill sets and activities.
* Continuous and professional growth of our highly valued teachers so that they can mentor and educate the students effectively.


A centre for excellence endeavoring perpetually to impart life long learning to the students, empowering them to imbibe core values and diversified knowledge simultaneously and molding them into successful human beings and global citizens.

Pillars of Our School

1. Academic Excellence
2. Innovative and Dynamic Learning
3. Creative Talent And Logical Thinking
4. Value Based Education
5. Efficient Teachers
6. Disciplinary Environment

Principal's Message

Dear Students, One of the fundamental purposes of education is to develop young people with core skills and competencies that relate not only to the world in which they are living but also to the future world in which they will live. We are therefore keen to expose our learners to unseen and vincible areas of knowledge and wisdom. We are living in a time of unequaled global collaboration. New technologies make it possible for individuals to work together and share ideas and insights in, ways which were unimaginable a decade ago.

We at the school opine that competition is not as important as co-operation. We encourage the experimental mindset and foster thinking -out-of-the-box. Learning to co-exist is the prime feature to prepare students to create a tolerant world. Therefore teachers and students are given a great deal of latitude to test innovative approaches to teaching and learning. Joy and play are a part of our curriculum. The students are groomed to have bright futures, tailored to their strengths and weaknesses. The interdisciplinary form of associated teaching and learning is encouraged.

The education essentials of literacy and numeracy are well catered for producing technopreneurs of wisdom.


Mr. Sunit Kumar Dubey
Balmukund Ramchandra Bazari Saraswati Vidya Mandir

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